Shaping a
Healthier Future Through Innovation

Shaping a
Healthier Future Through Innovation

Pioneering Kidney Health Technology

Carna Health is at the forefront of kidney health innovation, merging groundbreaking technology with a deep commitment to patient care. Our team, driven by a vision to transform global healthcare, develops advanced, yet intuitive, health monitoring solutions. One of the key highlights of our approach is the incorporation of Nova Biomedical handheld creatinine and eGFR – Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate devices, a cornerstone of our medical technology. The integration of top-tier tech with a patient-centric approach propels us to notable achievements in the field of nephrology. It redefines the management and monitoring of kidney diseases, enhancing care delivery, and significantly improving the quality of life for patients worldwide.

Witness the transformative power of our innovations, as we redefine the narrative of kidney healthcare and touch lives globally!


Empowering Lives Through
Advanced Healthcare


To provide a transformational and next generation population screening, monitoring and care management platform for Chronic Kidney Disease while leveraging point-of-care testing and AI-driven software.


To empower patients and providers with digital health tools that reduce the economic burden of disease and improve health span.

Commitment to Inclusive and Compassionate Care

Carna Health is deeply dedicated to making advanced kidney health technology accessible and equitable. We champion a patient-centered approach, where technology meets compassion. We work closely with healthcare councils, local governments, and community organizations to ensure our cutting-edge solutions reach everyone, especially those at higher risk of CKD. By democratizing health technology, we strive to break down barriers in healthcare access.


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Charting a Course for Healthier Futures

Carna Health is reshaping the fight against chronic kidney disease with our advanced screening programs and collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals worldwide. Our work plays a crucial role in raising global CKD awareness and enhancing prevention strategies. By facilitating early detection, we also play a vital role in preventing the progression to critical stages of the disease, thereby reducing the need for interventions like dialysis or transplants. Our mission extends beyond medical intervention; it’s about fostering hope, extending lifespans, and adding life to years.

Each step we take in our screening programs is a leap towards saving lives.


The Driving Force Behind Carna Health

Meet our diverse team of leaders who are steering Carna Health towards pioneering breakthroughs in healthcare. Their collective expertise and insight are the keystones of our journey in setting new standards in medical care.

  • Salvatore Viscomi

    Chief Executive Officer​

  • Boris Berat

    Chief Technology & Product Officer​

  • Tom Dolan

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Shika Pappoe, MD

    Chief Medical Officer &
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Elvis Ndansi

    Chief of Population Health

  • Mary Miller Sallah

    Chief Growth Officer

  • John Brooks

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Aran Ron, MD

    Chief Innovation Officer


Driving Efficiency and Creativity

Discover the diverse group of professionals who manage and enhance our processes. Their combined expertise ensures our operational excellence and creative vision are seamlessly integrated.

  • Claire McDevitt

    Director of Operations

  • Mladen Maksimovic

    Creative Director

  • Brigitte Kier

    Executive Assistant & Project Manager


Wisdom Guiding Innovation

Our Advisory Board, composed of esteemed experts, provides strategic direction and invaluable insights, ensuring our mission’s success and continued innovation in healthcare.

  • Mimi Fenton, PhD, MPH

  • Liz Lightstone

  • Dido Harding

  • Nicholas Kim

  • Christopher Surdak, JD

  • Eugenio Zuccarelli, MBAn, MSc

  • Frank Manganaro

  • Cenk Bekmezci

  • Olivier Tak

  • Ricky Brathwaite, PhD, MS, MSHS

Latest News and Developments

Stay informed with Carna Health’s most recent achievements and updates. Our news section highlights key advancements and stories from our journey in transforming kidney health.

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Be Part of a Future Where Every Life Matters

You’ve seen our vision, our technology, and our commitment. Now, it’s your turn to take a step into a healthier future. Whether you’re seeking advanced healthcare solutions, interested in participating in clinical trials, or just want to learn more about our mission, Carna Health invites you to join our health revolution. Together, we can redefine healthcare and touch lives globally.