Empowering Bermuda’s Fight Against
Chronic Kidney Disease
with Carna Health

Transforming the Landscape of Kidney Disease Management and Awareness

Welcome to Carna Health’s initiative for population health risk-based screening and kidney health monitoring. We are committed to supporting chronic kidney disease national screening efforts in Bermuda.

How do we achieve this? Through Carna’s Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Screening Program, funded through a grant awarded by the Bermuda Health Council’s Innovation Program.

Our goal is to empower Bermudians and their healthcare providers to identify and stage chronic kidney disease early and efficiently.  We accomplish early detection and efficiency through through an innovative point-of-care testing platform.

We invite you to participate in our comprehensive CKD screening program to protect your kidney health and enhance your quality of life!

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Understanding CKD in Bermuda

Chronic Kidney Disease is a common and increasing health condition throughout the world, and particularly pressing in Bermuda. With most cases undiagnosed until later stages, the urgency for early detection and intervention is critical.

The Silent Epidemic

90% of those with CKD are unaware of their condition.

Rising Prevalence

CKD is expected to become the 5th leading cause of mortality worldwide by 2040.

Rising Prevalence

In Bermuda, CKD is often detected late, leading to increased morbidity and costlier treatments over the course of one’s life.

Impact of Early Detection

Lifestyle changes, close monitoring, specialty care along with new therapies can prevent or delay CKD progression, leading to improved outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

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